i post a bunch of gifs and a friend posts sometimes too

gifs will appear bigger on the dash

i do take requests, but no nsfw shit


I’m Not Crying - Flight of the Conchords

(TOM QUICKSCOPES JERRY - Requested by anonymous!)

Anonymous inquired:

would it be alright to use your gifs in backgrounds/icons and stuff? full credit will be given to you, i'm just asking in case you mind. also sorry if this has been asked before. keep up the good work! < 3

of course it would be! i’d like to ask though that you reconsider using them as a background if they flash a lot, since that kind of thing could cause epileptic shock to someone that visited your blog. otherwise yeah they’re absolutely fair game!

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(Anonymous Meme Squad - Requested by anonymous!)

(Autozoom - Requested by anonymous!)

(Spike and Barley Play - Grand Theft Auto IV (Part 1) - requested by anonymous!)

(Spike and Barley Play - Dead Rising 2 (Part 1) - COOP)

(Spike and Barley Play - Dead Rising 2 (Part 1) - COOP)

Spike & Barley Play - Cry of Fear Co-op (Live Stream) (Part 1) - requested by anonymous!


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(Grand Theft Auto IV (Part 3) - requested by anonymous!)

Anonymous inquired:

Why are you reposting entire sets?

i don’t know what you’re talking about to be honest

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